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I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career, primarily building online media brands.

I sold a few of those businesses, but I’ve never been on the buyer's side of the table.

Recently I became curious about it, about acquiring a business.

I found myself browsing the for-sale business marketplaces and getting excited, imagining the possibilities.

And while there were plenty of listings to explore, I couldn’t find much information to guide me through the process of acquiring a business.

Unlike start-a-business entrepreneurship, there are not countless blogs and podcasts devoted to buy-a-business entrepreneurship.

There are still fewer public stories about entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge to buy a business and done really well — though I knew such success stories are plentiful.

Acquiring Minds is my project to both correct that, and educate myself on the journey toward buying a business.

Business acquisition is an exciting prospect, and I intend for Acquiring Minds to make the path more accessible to myself and to others.

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