The Anatomy of an LOI

Paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of the LOI used for a real self-funded SBA acquisition. The LOI template is included.
Friday, February 2, 2024
The Anatomy of an LOI
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This webinar teaches you how to craft an LOI (letter of intent) to buy a business.

We use the LOI from a real self-funded SBA acquisition.

It's actually one you've heard the story of on Acquiring Minds: John Hubbard's deal to buy Express Trailers, the trailer fabricator in Tampa.

In addition to the content, you get access to the LOI template for use in your own deal.

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Links & supporting information:

  • 👉 The LOI template - Go to File then Make a copy to clone your own editable version to work with. (Note: this version is an updated version from the one featured in the video.)
  • Learn more about Sam Rosati’s SMBootcamp here, and his other many activities like SMBash and the SMB investor list here.

We have another webinar in this series coming up:

  • Raising Equity for Your Deal - We'll go through how to raise money from investors for your acquisition, maybe the most intimidating part of the deal process for first-timers.

The 2 Acquiring Minds interviews with John Hubbard that cover the story of the deal featured in the webinar: