his is an entrepreneurship podcast, and I'm the first to admit that I engage in the glorification of big numbers.

The higher the revenue, the faster the growth, the fatter the margin — the better.

But you'll hear that the character of today's acquisition is a bit different.

Alex Michael wanted more control over his life — more freedom — and he zeroed in on buying an ecommerce business to achieve that.

And achieve it, he has.

His life now is more serendipitous, less structured.

To be clear, Alex is growing his business; sales are up over 30%.

But it's not all about business for Alex. He's also now able to allow other interests to claim his attention, like writing and becoming a volunteer fire fighter.

And this is by design; it's exactly what he wanted.

Another point:

Alex reflects how the decision to buy a business caused a shift inside. He now finds himself saying yes to all sorts of things because by buying a business, he set a precedent of living life on his own terms.

It's a point none of my guests has ever made, even though I bet it's true for most of them.

If you decide to join the ranks of acquisition entrepreneurs by doing this crazy thing of buying a business, that decision alone, that self-affirmation, will probably cause a shift in you too:

That you now see yourself as someone who seizes the moment and sets your own terms.

See if Alex's reflections land on you the same way.

Here he is, Alex Michael, owner of Wallaroo Wallets.