oday's episode is an update with Bruce Vann, who came on a year ago to share his story of acquiring a stage curtain manufacturer.

Bruce & I grabbed lunch here in Virginia a couple weeks ago, he told me the updates in his business (including another acquisition), and I wanted to bring him back on to share those updates with you.

You'll learn what it feels like to run a niche, up-and-down, feast-or-famine manufacturing business.

We also talk about the opportunity Bruce sees in the many small window blinds retail stores across the country whose owners are at retirement age.

Also, I encourage you to go back and listen to Bruce's original episode not only for the story, but because he articulates one of the most powerful motivations for acquisition entrepreneurship that I've heard:

He wants to ensure for his kids the autonomy and personal agency to work for themselves, so that no one in his family is ever again held back due to ill will or ignorance. That has stayed with me since our first interview.

Here is Bruce Vann, owner of LuXout Stage Curtains.