oday's interview is a return guest, Chris Williams, who acquired a bookkeeping business in 2021.

Chris was an early Acquiring Minds interview, and I wanted to have him back on to see how things have gone for him as owner of the business he'd just acquired when we spoke the first time.

This was a great interview with Chris.

My favorite part is when he reflects on what he would have done differently in his very first months as new owner, during his transition — so listen for that.

I'm going to start having more conversations like this one, where I bring on previous guests to see how they have fared in their acquisitions.

I love these check-ins; there is so much growth that happens in an entrepreneur when they graduate from searcher to CEO, and so much for us to learn from them.

Chris is a perfect example.

Here he is, one-time searcher, now-CEO of System Six, Chris Williams 👇👇👇