his is the rebroadcast of a panel that Acquiring Minds recently moderated at the annual ETA Summit at MIT.

The panel was about when & how to make changes at the business you acquire — always a challenge for acquisition entrepreneurs.

This episode is a rebroadcast of the panel in its entirety.

Panel title: Making Transformational Changes

Panel description: "First do no harm, then pull on the growth levers." Should you wait to make changes? Or take every opportunity you see? How and when should you make changes to your team or to your organizations that will help you get the most out of your organization?


  • Trish Higgins - Partner, Chenmark Holdings; CEO, Cap’n Fish Holdings. Trish Higgins is a founding partner at Chenmark Holdings, a Portland, Maine based firm focused on the acquisition and long-term ownership of small businesses throughout North America. Outside of work, Trish can be found spending quality time with her husband and business partner, James, and their two kids.
  • Markus Scott - CEO, EyeQ Monitoring. Markus Scott is currently the CEO of EyeQ Monitoring, an AI-enabled surveillance and business intelligence technology company located in Atlanta, GA. He acquired the business in 2015 after raising a search fund at Kellogg in 2013. Prior to Kellogg, he worked in middle market private equity and played football at the University of Florida. He is married with two small kids, Ava (8) and AJ (7), and enjoys coaching, spearfishing and bourbon in his downtime.
  • Kush Das - CEO, Ennoble Care. Former healthcare consultant, healthcare lawyer, and EMS provider with value-based and community-based care experience. Kush acquired Ennoble Care in 2021. Kush and his wife Kirsten live in Washington, DC, where Kirsten is an OB/GYN.

Quick aside: It was the 6th Annual ETA@MIT Summit. 469 tickets sold, up from 325 last year and from 162 two years ago. So that's a tripling of attendance in 2 years, a testament no doubt to the leadership of the club, but also to the growth of acquisition entrepreneurship at the most prestigious business schools in the country. Great to see ETA on the march.