revious guest George Vallone comes back today to share his progress with Nuveldy's, a cleaning business he bought in Nashville in 2021.

Nuveldy's was a sub-million dollar revenue business at the time; it is now 3 times larger and poised to launch in new markets.

So George "bought small", and much of this episode is devoted to how George has taken the raw material of a quite small business, and implemented process, built tech, and hired management to establish a foundation from which he can grow into the next phase.

To me, this is what it looks like when you buy small and it goes well.

George's entry point into this business was low, so he will capture so much value as Nuveldy's becomes a much more substantial business.

Listen for the incentive program he devised for the contractors he hires to clean, and how these incentives have unlocked quality control, which has in turn allowed him to charge premium prices.

George's first episode was also strong on tactics.

In that episode, we went deep on the outreach campaigns he used to find Nuveldy's, including even the exact language of his cold emails.

So definitely go back and listen to that.

OK, please enjoy this return appearance with George Vallone, owner of Nuveldy's Apartment Turnover Services.