ames Temple occasionally returns to his alma mater, UVA's Darden business school, to teach a class to the business school students about buying franchises.

And guess what: They're skeptical.

Maybe you are too.

I am...or at least, was.

As I hear more and more stories like James' today, I'm really starting to warm to the idea of buying a franchise.

James Temple of Mathnasium

James started in 2009, with a very modest investment alongside his mother.

Today he runs a 19-unit, $7m Mathnasium empire, with locations across Virginia and Maryland.

His story, like my recent guest Doug Johns who acquired the $9m Mr. Rooter franchise business, should make the skeptical among you sit up & pay attention when acquisition entrepreneurs start talking franchises.

Enjoy my conversation with James Temple, one of the top Mathnasium franchisees in the country: