ost acquisition entrepreneurs I talk to start searching for a business to buy, and are not open to buying an existing franchise.

But I have also heard from a number of you that, as your search progressed, you eventually opened your minds to it. And in doing so, availed yourselves of many enticing opportunities.

Today's guest Doug Johns is a great example.

Doug started his search looking for a business doing between $750k and $2m in EBITDA — sizable for a searcher.

And naturally he was thrilled when he saw a great one...

Until realizing it was a franchise.

Flash forward, Doug and his wife overcame their reservations and today own one of the top-selling Mr. Rooter businesses in the country.

It does nearly $2m in EBITDA with 50 employees.

It is a big, healthy, mature business — just what so many of us would love to buy.

So if you've been curious about buying an existing franchise business — actually, especially if you have NOT been curious about it — this interview will open your eyes.

Doug Johns was where you are, but softened his position when the right opportunity came along and has been rewarded handsomely.