t's super cool what Justin Turner and his partners are building at their holdco Traction Capital.

Justin came on about a year ago to discuss Traction's backstory and the 4 acquisitions they'd made.

A few weeks ago I saw Justin tweet that they'd bought 2 more businesses recently, so I invited him back on.

For those of you with dreams of a holdco, Traction is showing the way.

Five years ago, they hadn't made a single acquisition.

Today, with these 2 new acquisitions, Traction stands at $75m in revenue across the portfolio of 6 businesses.

And it's a really diverse mix: distribution for firefighters & first responders, ecom, brick & mortar retail, paving, asphalt milling, and disaster restoration.

Those latter 2 are the new additions, both with interesting features.

Listen for how the asphalt milling deal came through the existing paving business.

And the disaster restoration business is Traction's first franchise acquisition, so it's valuable to hear how Justin & team thought through that.

By the way, Justin will be on stage at SMBash in Austin in April, so if you're there make sure to say hello.

OK, here is Justin Turner of Traction Capital.