Today's guest doesn't think it's crazy that his business could get to $100m in revenue over the next 7 or 8 years.

In fact, he thinks it's pretty realistic.

And Matt Jackson bought the business just 2 years go, when it was doing $5m in sales.

It's a roofing business in Florida, and what Matt is finding is that good service goes a long way.

Matter of fact, after we stopped recording, Matt made more clear to me just how flooded with business and referrals he is.

And he's in a crowded market. Lots of roofing companies in Florida.

And you are going to learn all about the roofing business, an industry I haven't yet done a deep dive on.

And one which Matt thinks is just now starting to get interest from private equity.

In addition to roofing and Matt's story, a few topics to listen for:

  • How Matt satisfied his licensing requirement.
  • Matt's use of ROBS, and why he does not intend to buy the ownership interest back out of his 401k.
  • And, what to do when you feel like you need to let someone go, but are worried about filling the gap that they'll leave.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Matt Jackson, owner of USI Roofing.