ichael Horowitz had been searching for a business to buy in the New York City metropolitan area.

He'd come close on 3, but none closed, and he returned to a job for income.

Not long after, some friends approached him about buying existing franchise businesses, and rolling them up.

Michael said yes.

Today's interview is the story of how a complete outsider to a popular franchise system, with no operational chops, gets a foot in the door and builds from there.

Popular franchises don't let just anyone in; you have to sell yourself.

Michael explains how he did so to acquire his first Wingstops — 7 of them — and then how he built & acquired 13 more.

Michael Horowitz & Wingstop team
Michael (second from right) & Wingstop team

We also talk about what it's like operating almost 2 dozen fast food restaurants (no surprise: labor is brutal).

This interview is a great story and tutorial on building a portfolio of franchise locations.

Here's Michael Horowitz, owner of 20 Wingstop restaurants in Ohio. Enjoy.