ajama Mitta found what I like to call a searcher special:

Recurring, contracted revenue.

Super niche-y.

Fragmented industry.

CDMS, which Sajama has owned for over 2 years now, is a B2B services business. It provides environmental & safety compliance services.

Sajama and I hit on lots of topics, including:

  • How to buy what is essentially a consulting business
  • How she's improved the quality of revenue
  • What itch she was scratching by acquiring a business
  • And of course, the industry of environmental & safety compliance itself

My favorite part of Sajama's story is how her motivations as business owner have shifted somewhat — or, better said, expanded.

Her industry attracts people passionate about the work. Environmental science grads, engineers.

By working with these folks, she now finds herself really motivated by empowering them, so that they can learn, grow, and prosper.

And happily, successfully doing that nicely aligns with building a great company.

As Sajama says, If I can empower my team in the right way, everything else should fall into place.

Please enjoy this interview with Sajama Mitta, owner of Chemical Data Management Systems.