he title of Adrian Pinto's first appearance on Acquiring Minds was Building a Blue Collar Empire.

Today Adrian returns to share how this project is going, 16 months later.

Quite well, actually. Among other things, he's doubled sales since he acquired the business.

We spend time on how he's done that. Listen closely there because you'll learn what B2B sales looks like if you don't already know.

We also spend time on the business of landscaping, which is a favorite among searchers.

Acquiring Minds has had 5 guests that bought landscaping businesses, the most of any type of business. Adrian has some surprising observations about the landscaping business.

You might want to complement this episode with the Kaustubh Deo episode of last week.

Like Adrian, Kaustubh is a thoughtful former private equity guy who bought an outdoor services business (tree services, in Kaustubh's case).

OK, please enjoy this follow-up with Adrian Pinto, owner of Georgia Scapes: