've been tracking the journey of today's guest from afar, so I was thrilled to finally get him in the seat.

Kaustubh Deo bought a $2m tree business in Seattle just over a year ago.

Kaustubh Deo with Blooma team
Kaustubh Deo (bottom far right) with Blooma team

Kaustubh comes from New York private equity, and we spend time on his decision to jump from that world to this one.

We talk about the big differences between the two, and that conversation really highlights what it feels like to own a business if you never have.

So even if you are not coming from private equity, the picture that Kaustub paints of his life today as a business owner will be valuable to understanding whether this path is for you.

And we talk a lot about the tree business. It's particularly helpful to hear him contrast it with the other trades businesses like HVAC, plumbing, landscaping.

Lastly, you'll hear how Kaustubh brings a certain intellectual curiosity to business that I really appreciate.

See if you do too.

Here is Kaustubh Deo of Blooma Tree Experts 👇👇👇