oday's interview is particularly fun & interesting.

This acquisition story is between 2 previous guests, guests who actually connected via Acquiring Minds.

Mike Botkin and Adrian Pinto have both been on before more than once.

In fact you may have listened to Adrian Pinto just a few episodes ago. He came back on to share an update after 18 months in his landscaping business.

In that episode we mostly discuss how Adrian has nearly doubled his business in the last year and a half.

But we did not much discuss the big challenges Adrian has encountered, namely access to credit.

Today we do talk at length about that debilitating challenge, and how it became attractive to Adrian to work with a larger, well-capitalized business that could enable him to realize the growth he was capable of.

Enter Mike Botkin. Mike is a regional neighbor of Adrian's, down in Orlando; Adrian is in Atlanta.

Mike had been getting to know Adrian for a year — just 2 guys who bought landscaping businesses.

But Mike has capital from investors, he's acquired numerous landscaping businesses already, and he would joke that he should acquire Adrian.

Well you know what they say about jokes: always a kernel of truth.

I'll let the two of them take it from there.

Please enjoy this conversation with Adrian Pinto, owner of Georgia Scapes, and Mike Botkin, CEO of OneOutdoor Holdings.