orth Terrace is a property management business in Kansas City.

Today's guest Brandon Laughridge bought it in 2017.

At the time North Terrace had 800 units under management.

Today that number is 1,600, so Brandon has doubled this business.

But what else has Brandon done in those intervening 6 years...?

20x'd the value of his Kansas City real estate portfolio.

And ownership of North Terrace has been key to the strategy.

So today's episode is all about this question of whether & how buying a property management business can help grow a real estate empire.

Brandon is the perfect person to explore the topic not just because, well, he's actually doing it.

Also, he is an enthusiastic proponent of ETA.

Brandon actually wrote a viral Twitter thread back in 2020 modeling out how to get to $10m in net worth by buying a business.

And his wife bought & owns a sizable local business herself.

So, while he considers himself a real estate guy first, Brandon has one foot solidly in our world of SMB / ETA.

He understands the power of both real estate and ETA, and has positioned himself at a powerful intersection point between the two.

A perfect pairing with this episode would be episode 206 from December 11th, with Brian Shields, who also bought a property management business. (2, actually.) Link to that in the notes.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Brandon Laughridge, owner of North Terrace Property Management.