ou've heard me say it.

You've heard my guests say it...

Searching for a business to buy is HARD.

And it's one of those things where you can know this fact, but it takes LIVING it to really internalize it.

Today's guest Jesse Sunquist has been searching for a business to buy, full time, for a year.

So the kind of abstract awareness that search is hard... well that's now very real for Jesse.

But even though he doesn't yet have a deal under his belt, there has been progress, growth, tons of education over this past year.

So he took to Searchfunder to reflect on what he's learned in the form of a short essay.

(Whose title I used verbatim as the title for this episode; thank you, Jesse.)

There was tons of reaction to the essay, including many appreciative comments from other frustrated searchers.

So Jesse struck a chord, and I had to have him on Acquiring Minds.

For those of you struggling with your search, you're really going to relish this one.

(And if you do, please let Jesse know as much.)

Here he is, full-time searcher Jesse Sunquist: