ou've heard 100 times how valuable a bias toward action is.

Well today's guest Johannes Hock is a great example.

Only 6 weeks into their search, Johannes & his partner got under LOI on the business they'd end up buying. We spend a lot of time on what their process looked like.

And yes, luck was a part of it. It always is.

But you increase the surface area of luck by taking more action and moving quickly.

They also relaxed certain search criteria.

Sure, we all recognize & nod our heads that the perfect business doesn't exist.

But are you really prepared to buy, for example, a project-based business?

Johannes was, and did, and this open-mindedness was a big part of getting across the finish line.

Also listen for Johannes' thoughts on how hard to negotiate multiples, the underappreciated advantages of buying in a growing industry, and just his eagerness to get into business.

This last point was made to me recently by Brandon Adams in his update episode. There's value to just getting in the game.

How many of my guests have you heard say, my only complaint is that I wish I'd started sooner.

Tons of tactics and strategy both in this episode with Johannes Hock, owner of DFW Turf Solutions.