ordan Carter's search was brutal.

It took him years to acquire his business, and in this interview we spend a lot of time going through it to really understand how months can just slip by when doing a search.

Especially when doing it part time.

Especially when you don't have a targeted industry.

Especially when a deal you get under LOI collapses.

Especially when you're trying to raise money piecemeal from investors.

There is much to be learned from Jordan's hard-won views on search, so hopefully this interview will enable you to shortcut a lot of what Jordan learned on his own.

I know it caused me to think hard about doing a part-time search versus a full-time one, as well as the most efficient way to raise capital for a search deal in 2022.

Spoiler: There is a happy ending.

Jordan bought an awesome, specialized business with low competition and high demand.

It's grown 40% in the 2 years since he acquired it.

So you're going to hear all about that as well, and how he brings value to a super niche business that he was completely new to.

Enjoy this conversation with Jordan Carter, owner & CEO of B&A: