ost search fund investors are going to want to see you pursue a growth strategy with an eye toward exiting within 5 to 10 years.

So when you sign up for investor capital, there is really a growth mandate there.

Well today's guest did something different that seems like a very desirable alternative to the conventional model.

Juan Aguilar bought a $3m EBITDA business in Guatemala with traditional search fund economics.

He spent the next 5 or so years growing the business and doubling those earnings.

You're going to hear how he did that; listen for his strategy to raise prices, which paid off handsomely.

Juan Aguilar & Globales team
Juan & the Globales team

But after about 6 years, when it came time for the next chapter, instead of selling the business, Juan recapitalized it with a new loan, and issued a big, one-time dividend.

This dividend went to paying back his investors plus a nice return and liquidity for himself — a big, personal payday.

But it also meant Juan and his investors still owned the business.

So while the conventional way to a liquidity event is exiting — selling the business — Juan generated his own liquidity event and retained ownership alongside his investors.

Today that business has grown even more, and Juan intends to own it for the long haul.

Indeed it's become a platform business within a holdco he is building in his native Guatemala.

Let this be a reminder that, if you've grown the business and it reliably generates enough cash, you may have options other than just selling it.

Listen for how Juan did it. Here he is, Juan Aguilar of Paltus Capital.