00% seller financing.

The idea that you can buy a business with little to no money. The seller of the business finances the whole acquisition price for you.

Too good to be true? Usually, yes.

It's something you'll hear gurus talk about and wonder if they're overpromising in order to sell a mastermind.

And even when 100% seller-financed deals do happen, it's often going to be one business buying another where the seller doesn't have other options.

It's not going to be an individual off the street, a searcher, buying a sizable, attractive business with 100% seller financing.

But… there are exceptions to the exceptions.

Today's guest did what I just said doesn't happen.

Renan Cortez bought an $8m restoration business in a 100% seller-financed deal. We spend a lot of time on how he pulled that off.

And at the risk of belaboring the point, we don't advocate this approach. Renan himself doesn't, as you'll hear. There was an alignment of the stars that happened here, that is more fluke than playbook.

But still, a great case study to learn what we can from.

Here's Renan Cortez, owner of Syndicate Building Solutions.