ou've no doubt heard the phrase creative dealmaking.

The idea that those able to think beyond conventional terms might be rewarded with a favorable deal, or at least a deal they might have otherwise lost.

Less talked about but just as significant is creative structuring.

Stephen Quindlen & Paul Westhart at Blue Wrench
Stephen Quindlen & Paul Westhart at Blue Wrench

You heard one example a few weeks ago.

Robert Graham & Aaron Blick at Pillar Health Group are blending self-funded search with a roll-up model to keep using SBA debt to build a very large portfolio.

Today's guests, Stephen Quindlen and Paul Westhart, are another great example of creative structuring.

Stephen & Paul are buying auto repair shops.

Like Pillar Health, they've found a way to unlock lots of affordable debt, uncapping the $5m SBA loan total that limits most searchers.

They've also realized that by thinking about their holdings as 2 distinct portfolios — one auto repair businesses, the other real estate — the aggregate value of what they're building can be larger... potentially, much larger.

That, and a deep dive into the auto repair business, with Stephen Quindlen and Paul Westhart. Enjoy.