t's no secret that SaaS businesses are expensive.

Valuations are turns higher than the 3x or 4x you see for traditional businesses, and because of this a lot of searchers skip the category altogether.

But there's a reason for those premiums.

There is lots to love about SaaS, including recurring revenue & great industry tailwinds, among other strengths discussed in this interview.

Thomas Smale has been brokering SaaS deals since well before it was the competitive category that it is today in 2022.

Thomas founded FE International, one of the leading M&A firms for SaaS businesses.

He does an excellent job here breaking down how a first-time, individual acquisition entrepreneur like you can get a toehold in the sexy world of SaaS.

Please enjoy this interview with Thomas Smale of FE InternationalđŸ‘‡đŸ‘‡