ne type of business I bet you haven't considered buying:

A dental savings plan.

Zach Smith bought a business that has paying members, the consumers, on one side.

On the other are the dentists who agree to serve its members at a discounted rate.

Zach saw it as fundamentally a marketplace business, which he knew something about after having worked at Uber for 7 years.

Good business-buyer fit.

Zach also saw downside protection.

The business is actually on the decline, so a turnaround.

But listen for Zach's risk analysis, where he concludes that even if he's unable to arrest the decline, he'll at the very least get his money back.

A conclusion that gave him the comfort necessary to buy the 30-year-old business.

His analysis also showed that if he could get the business growing again, even by a little, he stood to do quite well.

How's it going?

Listen to find out. Here's Zach Smith, owner of American Dental Care Partners.