n 2020, today's guest and 3 other like-minded entrepreneurs gathered to break bread and brainstorm around a common vision.

That there was tremendous opportunity in acquiring home services businesses.

A business opportunity, yes.

But also an opportunity to impact the lives of tradespeople.

This impact is one that I hear a lot of my guests comment on.

Some buy a blue collar business with the explicit goal of positively impacting the employees.

Others only realize a year into their acquisition that this impact turned out to be the most meaningful part of their journey.

In today's interview with Amir Haboosheh, we cover both of these opportunities: the economic, and the human.

And don't worry, we spend plenty of time on the economic one.

As just one example, the first acquisition that Amir & his team made was an HVAC business in Arkansas doing about $10 million/yr in sales.

Less than 3 years later, that business is doing $20 million/yr.

We pick apart on how they got from point A to B in such a short amount of time.

Lots to learn in this conversation with Amir Haboosheh, CEO and co-founder of Snowball Industries.