've had a number of guests on Acquiring Minds who own holding companies, holdcos.

Think the Higginses of Chenmark, Justin Turner of Traction, Trevor Boehm at Saturn Five.

So, those guests' holdcos are established; they've already made a number of acquisitions and have the portfolio going.

Well I caught today's guest at an interesting moment...

He's under 3 years into only his first acquisition, but he has every intention to build a holdco, and it looks very likely to happen this year.

So Andrew Hitchings, alongside his wife Marcela and third partner Max Williams, has come off of 2.5 years of operating a small business — and really operating. Like in the field, getting his hands dirty.

And now, they're about to take the next real step to becoming a holdco.

So for those of you out there with the aspiration of building a holdco yourselves, my conversation today with Andrew will show you what your life could look like just 2 or 3 years from now.

And even more hopeful & intriguing, their first acquisition, the one whose story we cover today? A very small business: just the seller plus a single employee, and less than $1m in revenue.

Now, it's not so small today; Andrew and team have tripled top and bottom line these last 2.5 years. And we spend a lot of time on how they did that — turn a first, quite small acquisition into a platform company for a holdco.

This was a wide-ranging and really fun interview, and I'm eager to watch how Andrew, Marcela, and Max develop in the years ahead.

Here is Andrew Hitchings, owner of Colorado Home Services.