or today's guest Andrew Sieve, buying a business was the way out of a dark few years.

The arrival of COVID led to a cascade of bad events in Andrew's business, city, and family. It all culminated in the unraveling of both his professional and personal lives.

He struggled badly for 2 years.

Well, he recently became owner-operator of a neighborhood restaurant, the type of place that's been there for years & years, that everybody in town knows.

Andrew's life is very much back on the right track — redeemed, you might say.

And this whole adventure started thanks to an offhand, teasing comment he made to the proprietor, when he was dining at the restaurant.

It's a wonderful story, AND you're going to learn something about how to buy a restaurant business, what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

But see if you agree with me that the biggest takeaway from Andrew's story is the power of a single comment. How just raising your hand can unlock life-changing opportunity.

Here is Andrew Sieve 👇👇👇