oday's guest worked for 18 months to buy a business he'd set his heart on.

Ben Bryer is a guy who goes all-in, and he was ALL IN on this deal.

But it died despite his passion, and Ben was left a year and a half older, $150k poorer, and with a negative balance sheet.

He questioned whether to go on searching.

Was this path of buying a business really for him?

Well, being freed of that dead-end deal allowed him to open his mind to other listings.

Like Meyer Gage, a decades-old, super-niche manufacturing business.

A business that Ben was sitting in as CFO & owner for this interview.

Ben Bryer on the floor at Meyer Gage
Ben Bryer on the floor at Meyer Gage

A few themes to listen for in our conversation:

  • First: The post mortem on that first, painful dead deal.
  • Also: Using conventional debt rather than an SBA loan.
  • And finally: Working with a financial backer.

You'll hear us discuss this model as a little bit self-funded searcher, a little bit traditional search fund. Interesting model (if you can get it).

OK, please enjoy this interview with Ben Bryer, owner of Meyer Gage.