renden Van Buren has seen search from 2 angles.

He's a successful searcher himself, having acquired a fencing business in 2018.

And, he started a search accelerator at Carnegie Mellon, so he closely observed and invested in a number of searches.

In today's interview we dive into both these experiences.

I press Brenden on buying a fencing business, which is essentially a construction business.

Construction businesses are known for being highly cyclical and project based, 2 attributes that investors typically tell searchers to avoid.

Really valuable to hear his answer to that, because as you probably have seen on BizBuySell and elsewhere, there are a lot of construction-related businesses for sale out there.

And then we also get Brenden's perspective on the art of search and what he's learned by working with and investing in other searchers.

Here is Brenden Van Buren, owner of ProMax Fencing Systems and co-founder of Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs (GTE) 👇👇👇