e cover a lot of ground today.

Brian Lee Shields and his partner acquired a small property management business in December 2019.

You know what happened 3 months later.

Well, Covid notwithstanding, Brian implemented lots of internal improvements at the business and bolted on a second acquisition.

Just two and a half years into the journey, he exited for a premium when 2 strategics showed interest at the same time.

A sampling of the topics in today's rich conversation with Brian:

  • How to gently implement new tech into an inefficient paper- & process-heavy business.
  • Transforming such a business into one that can be remotely managed. (By the end of his ownership, Brian was running his San Francisco business from his new home in LA.)
  • Property management as a target industry for searchers, and what the opportunity is.
  • Why buying into an industry you already know allows you to move quickly.
  • To sell or not to sell, should you be given the opportunity sooner than expected.
  • How to adapt to an environment that isn't as hard-charging and high-achieving as you might be used to.
  • And, burnout. Make sure you listen to the end where Brian hits the wall after pushing himself to the limit.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Brian Lee Shields, buyer-then-seller of 2 property management businesses in San Francisco.