"It's a numbers game."

You hear this cliche applied to many situations these days: interviewing for jobs, dating, and, yes, search.

But it is an apt cliche.

The more outreach you do, the more CIMs you look at, the more likely you are to find the right business to buy.

Well, when a situation is a numbers game, you can often develop a system to methodically work those numbers.

Today's guest Chirag Shah did just that.

Chirag Shah & wife Tara Nair Shah
Chirag Shah & wife Tara Nair Shah

A self-described "systematic guy", Chirag used Kanban to manage his deal flow, he time-blocked the hours every morning when he'd do his search work, and he refined his whole process on a weekly basis.

I too think of myself as a systematic guy, so I spend some time with Chirag in the weeds of his process.

Well ultimately, his systems bore fruit.

Today Chirag and his wife own a dog-training business that does upwards of $2m per year and $600k SDE.

Here he is, Chirag Shah, owner of Sit Means Sit in Austin 👇👇👇