ome people see themselves in the context of their ancestors and their progeny.

That their lives are like a little segment of a line, a line that goes back hundreds of years, and which will hopefully continue years into the future.

During their life, they endeavor to bend this line upward, so that their descendents start their lives from a higher position.

That perspective is courtesy of Bruce Vann, one of today's 4 guests.

The theme of this conversation is the life-changing potential of buying a business.

Especially so for people starting at the margins.

Bakari Akil, Bruce Vann, and Chris Munn — each of them Black, each of them from modest backgrounds (and in one case outright poverty).

Buying a business changed the lives of these guys profoundly; it was how they bent their lines.

And they want people, especially people from like circumstances, to be aware of the opportunity.

I handed the mic over to Elliott Holland to moderate this conversation.

Many of you will recognize Elliott as the founder of Guardian Due Diligence, which provides the diligence services that Elliott wishes he'd had when he was himself searching to buy a business.

I hope this conversation provides you with perspective and inspiration, as it did for me.

Here are Elliott, Bruce, Chris, and Bakari.