uying a business for the first time is hard enough.

Which is why most people dismiss out of hand listings in other countries, unwilling to attempt the additional complexity of a cross-border transaction.

That's understandable.

But today's Denver-based guest Christi Loucks and her husband found a Canadian business they liked on

And they went for it.

Now this is a virtual business (a B2B outbound sales service), so buying it didn't mean they'd be managing on-the-ground staff in Canada.

Still, the additional hurdles are numerous, while financing options for such a transaction are anything but.

But Christi pulled it off, and she shares what the terms and structure looked like.

And after she pulled it off, Christi was promptly rewarded with...

...sales collapsing 50%. Terrifying.

Listen for how she survived.

Please enjoy this conversation with Christi Loucks, owner of Revenue Accelerator.