ecession resistance is top-of-the-list of criteria that many business buyers would like to have in the business they buy.

Today's guest Cody Agee was pondering this feature and what type of businesses had it.

He thought, Well people always need food, and food always needs to be safe...

I bet there's a category of food testing & safety businesses out there.

Two weeks later, he sees a listing for Sierra Dairy Laboratory.

It's a dairy products testing business.

What a remarkable coincidence.

Needless to say, Cody ran after it — and today, owns it.

Turns out there's more than just recession resistance to like about Sierra Dairy.

While not wanting to jinx himself, Cody feels like he found a great, stable business with high-quality revenue.

See if you agree.

Here's Cody Agee, owner of Sierra Dairy Laboratory.