oday's story is just the latest where a first — and very humble — acquisition has grown into something impressive.

In 2018, Colin King and his partner Joe bought a business doing just $250k in revenue.

It was a route business that distributed parts to automotive service centers & dealers in the Indianapolis region. Every night, in the middle of the night, their employees would drive from auto dealer to auto dealer delivering car parts.

And yes, you guessed it, it wasn't too long before Colin and Joe were having to drive those routes themselves.

Matter of fact, it was the very first night they owned the business when 2 of their drivers didn't show up.

And there would be dozens & dozens more nights like that to come.

Well, you probably aren't surprised to hear that Colin & Joe no longer own that business.

Today, their portfolio looks like this:

  • an apparel business,
  • a décor distributor,
  • a Montessori distributor,
  • and a financial training business.

Aggregate revenue is approaching $30m.

A long way from those 2am drives between Indianapolis & Toledo.

This is the story of how two guys with a willingness to buy imperfect businesses and just figure it out have built a holdco that is really just getting started.

Here's Colin King, co-owner of Circle City Capital Group.