ne of the most difficult aspects of buying a business is the search for a good business to buy.

Indeed, it's such an outsized part of the process that this whole space is often called just, "search."

Well, what if you could sidestep the search?

And what if you already knew the business well that you were going to buy, so the possible skeletons in the closet were far fewer, and its strengths & weaknesses were familiar to you.

Sounds pretty good.

Well that's what it was like for Corey Veverka, who bought the $5m business where he worked.

It's a pretty appealing prospect. Lots of the risk that you see in a conventional small business acquisition is gone.

Of course, you have to want to buy that particular business where you work.

Your owner-slash-probably-boss has to be open to it.

So, yes, the stars have to align.

But something tells me that this might be a very real possibility for some of you.

And Corey's story today will show you how one guy did it.

And by the way, Corey has roughly doubled the business in the 8 years he's owned it. He has refinanced out of his personal guarantee, and is getting close to paying off the acquisition loan entirely.

A fantastic outcome.

Please enjoy this conversation with Corey Veverka, owner of TVS: