ard but fun.

I think that captures how today's guest feels about having bought a business.

Darryl Lindie got the notion to get into small business while in the Navy where he was working in the supply chain.

He was buying materiel from a lot of different small business owners and got a window into their lives, their careers.

It seemed fulfilling, it seemed fun, it seemed like a good fit for Darryl.

One MBA later, and he had found a business doing $650k of SDE, right there in Rhode Island where he lived and he & his wife had resolved to stay.

He closed this past July, 2023.

Now, about that MBA... listen for what Darryl has to stay about whether you should have one to go down this path. (Hint: nope.)

Some other topics we hit on:

  • Buying a cashy business
  • Buying a business with real estate
  • How to deal with a rocky transition
  • And, as ever, the realities of small business ownership — how hard is it?

Also, at the end Darryl and I talk about New Majority Capital, his initiative to enable more underrepresented people to become owners using the path of ETA.

Please enjoy this conversation with Darryl Lindie, owner of AA/Thrifty Sign & Awning.