andscaping & snow removal.

These are 2 businesses you hear about a lot in ETA.

But I was unfamiliar with the business of landscaping & snow removal brokerage.

Well today's guest bought such a business.

Eddy Zakes acquired a landscaping &snow removal brokerage in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We spend time on the business model & its benefits, and once I understood the value proposition I was converted.

Also compelling is Eddy's success in growing the business.

In 2.5 years, he's doubled revenue and taken it from a half dozen employees to over 20.

Eddy bought the business using a traditional search fund, the ETA model he was most familiar with after his stint as director of the International Search Fund Center at IESE.

IESE is the Barcelona-based business school that is sort of the academic center of gravity for search funds in Europe.

Please enjoy this interview with Eddy Zakes, owner of Earth Development.