oday's guest owns 5 businesses.

He has debt on them, but no outside investors, so his family are the sole owners of this portfolio that generated $9m in EBITDA in 2023.

Also, Garrison Snell is 30.

He has no formal background in finance; he actually planned to be a professional musician.

So hopefully this interview will show you how an outsider, someone completely naive to investing, can make a decision to pursue a path, and not only be successful, but be successful in a relatively short amount of time.

Garrison has built this $38m holdco in about 6 years.

Now, it didn't just happen. Garrison threw himself into his self-education.

A lot of people claim to study Warren Buffet — but have they listened to all the 4-hour-long Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings going back to 1990... 3 times over?

In addition to a great story, you're going to learn about Porter's Five Forces, a model that we should commit to memory.

And you're going to hear about the realities of holdco life. Garrison just this week had a crisis in one of his businesses, and he tells all.

Enjoy this fascinating interview with Garrison Snell of Snell Ventures.