his episode is for all you public transportation lovers out there.

How about being the owner of the business that runs your city or town's bus system?

George Goates bought a shuttle business that he then steered into municipal busing contracts.

His first one was Scottsdale, Arizona (if you've ever been on the bus in Scottsdale).

There's a lot to like about this business, even if you're not a transport buff. Top of the list, of course, being those long-term contracts.

But there are also aspects of the business that'll make you queasy, and George is frank about those.

We get an overview of the broader bus & shuttle industry; municipal buses is just one of a variety of niches.

There's paratransit, NEMT, corporate shuttles. George breaks these down, including the pros & cons of each.

Enjoy this drive through the shuttle business with George Goates, who has quadrupled his business since buying it in 2016.