eather Shattuck-Heidorn had achieved the gold ring in her chosen profession.

She was a university professor with a Ph.D. from Harvard, on the tenure track and getting published regularly. These are the all markers of success in the world of academia.


The hours were grueling, and the pay low for having reached such rarefied heights.

The breaking point came when her husband suffered a work injury and went on disability for 6 months.

Well, flash forward, and today Heather owns a custom closet design & install business. She closed in January.

How's it going? "I cannot express how happy I am that I made this choice." Her words.

Now, it actually hasn't been easy; there have been scary moments, which we get into.

And we also learn about the custom closets business, which, notwithstanding the lack of recurring revenue, sounded pretty appealing.

Please enjoy this conversation with Heather Shattuck-Heidorn, owner of The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage of Southern Maine.