fter a big run-up, ecommerce multiples are coming down.

A few reasons why:

The aggregators are pulling back.

Ecommerce owners are getting burned out after the two-year COVID roller coaster.

Consumer buying habits are returning to pre-pandemic levels.

And of course, the looming recession.

Dreary, right?

Well depends where you sit.

This is welcome news if you're in the market for an ecommerce business.

No one doubts that ecommerce's future remains rosy, so it's a relief to see 2021's white-hot market cool.

Now it should be easier for you to get in.

Today's guest Joe Valley has his finger on the pulse of ecommerce M&A.

Joe is a partner at Quiet Light, the well-regarded broker of ecommerce and other digital businesses.

Joe provides a look back and a look forward at the market for ecommerce businesses — with lots of stories & general ecommerce wisdom thrown in.

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Joe Valley interview snapshot

Also, I'm doing a doubleheader this week, with ecommerce the theme.

So make sure to also check out tomorrow's interview with Alex Michael, who acquired an FBA business a few months ago.

It's a fantastic tutorial on FBA, wrapped in the story of a first-time ecommerce business buyer. Don't miss it.

And lastly...

To my American subscribers, Happy Juneteenth.