izBuySell for the win.

Today's guest Jordan Novgrod tried to "get upstream" on deal flow.

He scraped data, did broker outreach, iterated his methods.

But wouldn't you know it...

The $800k SDE business that he ultimately bought he found right on BizBuySell, sitting out there publicly for all to see.

Just goes to show that despite whatever sophisticated processes you develop for your search, always keep an eye on BizBuy (as some brokers call it).

Something else I want to call out about Jordan's story...

Acquisition entrepreneurship for Jordan is an escape from the middle class.

It's hard. It's a risk. He sold his house to enable himself to do it.

But he sees buying a small business as a uniquely powerful path to a level of wealth otherwise unattainable to most W2'd people.

And he has gone all-in to walk that path.

Here he is, Jordan Novgrod, owner of LT Engineering: