ou know that searching for a good business to buy is difficult.

It takes a few months at a minimum, and more often over a year.

For today's guest Jules Brenner, the search took 2.5 years.

But listen for when Jules and I discuss how, after a broken deal, he adjusted a few key strategies in his search. And within a very short amount of time after those adjustments, found and closed his successful acquisition.

Also, Jules bought a manufacturing business, so this interview is a great high-level tutorial on buying a business in the world of manufacturing.

(Evidently, I needed the tutorial; I kept calling customers "vendors" throughout the interview. Please excuse me there.)

Now, despite his long search, Jules is making up for lost time and growing his acquisition aggressively. In fact, he thinks it's a realistic goal to keep acquiring and reach $100m in revenue in the years ahead.

Please enjoy this story of buying a manufacturer in the transportation industry with Jules Brenner.