hen you hear online or digital business, you probably think ecommerce, SaaS, maybe content & affiliate websites.

Well there's another category that gets overlooked, including by me:

Productized services.

These are businesses that deliver a service remotely via the internet, but for a flat fee.

So you're not charging by the hour, and the scope of work is well defined.

Think Fiverr, where you pay a contractor a flat fee to deliver a particular, self-contained service. This is a productized service model.

Versus Upwork, a more traditional model, where you pay a contractor (typically) on a rolling, hourly basis based on the duration of your project.

Well this model of productized services is increasingly popular and available for all manner of services delivered online:

  • Design your logo
  • Write your resume
  • Social media clips
  • Explainer videos

And... podcast production, which is the service offered by the business that today's guest Karl Hughes bought.

Karl is well versed in these types of services, being the owner of a content agency already that offers a productized service.

So Karl and I go deep on why productized services are appealing as businesses to own.

Hopefully this conversation opens your eyes to another type of business you might consider in your search.

Here is Karl Hughes, owner of The Podcast Consultant.