should have aired this episode a couple weeks ago, around the 4th of July.

Because I get a little patriotically misty-eyed with today's guest Kinza Azmat.

Kinza at one point marvels at her own trajectory:

From 6-year-old Pakistani girl, newly-arrived in New York, overwhelmed & intimidated... today, the new owner of WTA Realty (now Perch), a thriving, 35-year-old real estate brokerage with locations across Texas.

From the clip below:

"The fact that a random kid from Pakistan can get an SBA loan and own a business that's been around for 35 years...mind blown. Complete mind blown," says Kinza.

"I absolutely, wholeheartedly, completely non-politically believe America is the land of opportunity."

Of course, Kinza's success is more to her own credit than to America's.

And it's much more than an immigrant success story.

It is also — more significantly, maybe — about self actualization.

Kinza was on a pretty traditional path.

She jokes about it being the typical "daughter-of-Asian-immigrant-parents" path, and she eventually secured a job at one of the world's most revered companies, Apple.

But along the way...

She felt called to do something else, something harder and weirder, but ultimately for her, much more rewarding, much more suited to who she really is.

That's a theme that runs through most Acquiring Minds interviews really, so if you feel such a calling, hopefully my guests embolden you to heed it.

For now please enjoy this guest, Kinza Azmat 👇👇


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