egular listeners of Acquiring Minds know that hiring an operator for a business you bought is easier said than done.

Operating itself is hard — you hear that from my guests all the time.

So finding someone capable to do it on your behalf, who is aligned with you and as motivated as you, is harder still.

But today's guest Landon Mance is doing it with a $1.7m tree business he bought earlier this year.

Landon's approach is a template for how you might find an operator, bring them into your deal as a partner, and work alongside them through the transition & beyond.

To his credit, Landon shares all the financials and relevant terms of his deal. (Thank you, Landon.)

See if you agree that this is a powerful example for buying a business more as an investment than as an owner-operator.

(But notice, I'm definitely not using the word passive.)

Please enjoy my conversation with Landon Mance, owner of Nevada Tree.