oday I delve into 2 topics with a name you may recognize, Mark Sinatra.

Mark was an early guest on Acquiring Minds, and more recently he's become one of the show's sponsors.

The first topic with Mark is what your HR due diligence should look like when evaluating a business to buy. This area of diligence is often overlooked, but of course getting the people, the HR aspect of your acquisition right is going to be crucial.

And the second topic is how to evaluate when to buy an add-on business to your first acquisition.

Growing through acquisition, aka inorganic growth, is a favorite approach for people who buy businesses, if for no other reason than they got into their industry by acquiring, so continuing to acquire is a natural path.

Mark is a believer in that path, and we discuss the timing as well as a couple types of add-on acquisitions.

Please enjoy this conversation with Mark Sinatra, search fund investor and CEO of Aspen HR.