he allure of "passive" income.

It plagues the internet, generates clicks and course sales, but of course disappoints nearly all those who chase it.

In our world of buying businesses, the passive income fantasy looks like this:

Buy a small business, pay someone to operate it for you out of the profits of said business, collect checks.

Most experienced people would say that such a strategy will break, quickly & painfully, and to just put it out of your mind.


As today's guest Matthew Saskin points out, in some ways the private equity model is built around doing exactly this: buy business, install operator.

And Matthew himself is doing it.

Matthew Saskin of East Coast Towing

Now, as you'll hear, Matthew's acquisition is certainly not passive. He's putting 10 hours a week into the business, maybe more.

But he did hire an operator to run and grow the business from the moment he became owner.

The arrangement is working well enough that Matthew still works his W-2 and plans to indefinitely.

So this is a fascinating case study of looking for a small business to buy and an operator at the same time, with the intention to install that operator immediately, and never really operate the business yourself — to be working on the business, not in it, from day 1.

Also, you're going to learn about the towing business, and some of you will immediately jump on BizBuySell to look for one after you hear what Matthew has to say about that industry.

Enjoy my interview with Matthew Saskin, owner of East Coast Towing in North Carolina 👇👇👇